What Is Technical Content Writing? The Urgent 2021 Guide!

What Is Technical Content Writing? The Urgent 2021 Guide!

If you’ve been hanging around the writing word for some time, we’re sure you’ve come across words such as technical content writing. The term itself immediately gives you an idea of what the job involves. But, there are good chances you’ve also mistaken it for technical writing. If you want any chances in this trade, you need to know the meaning of all these jargons accurately.

As confusing as the two terms might sound, the names in themselves are actually a good indication of the two types of profession. It is the word ‘content‘ in technical content writing that gives away what you have to do if you enter this field. Today, we’ll discuss these two writing job types. We’ll discuss where the professions interlaps with one another and where there isn’t an ounce of similarity.

What Do We Mean By Technical Content Writing?

Again, the keyword is content writing.

The job of a technical content writer is to produce works that provides the information needed to succeed in specific tasks. Content has always been hailed as the one-stop, free solution when one wants to drive traffic to their website. Especially in the last couple of years, companies have really upgraded their content game.

Depending on the kind of business they have, they create blog posts that fit into their niche so that people looking for a solution on the internet end up finding the way to their site. They sell themselves as experts in the particular field so customers find themselves trusting the company. The end goal is to drive sales this way.

Essentially, the job of a content writer is to connect with the audience. The writing style has to be simple so someone with no knowledge in the niche can easily grasp the concept. While an overall friendly tone is encouraged, this can range from business casual to your childhood best friend who just had an original idea.

Now, when you are writing on the web means knowing your niche inside and out isn’t enough. The writer has to understand how Google’s algorithm works. Research has to be done on keywords related to the niche. You’ll have to optimize your post for SEO based on those keywords.

Now that you understand what content writing is, the concept of technical content writing is easy to grasp. This is when you write content related to the tech world to reach the company’s sales quota. The writer posts educational information related to tech. Sometimes, it can be about the latest iPhone. Other times, the issue is around how to fix your wifi router.

What Do We Mean By Technical Writer?

Now, the moment we hear Technical writer, we might think we’re talking about someone who writes content related to technology. That’s not the truth at all. A technical writer is someone who does technical writing.

Now, what does the term mean?

If content writers creates leads for a company, Technical content writer convey complex information between one or several parties. Their work isn’t limited to the web and they use a variety of mediums to get the idea across if needed. So, it would be print, videos, or regular blog posts. It could be mail sent to one company from another.

The mode of information can be white papers, user manuals, reference guides,s, and journals. Common contents such as press releases, social media posts, and landing pages could be part of the agreement as well. So, in some ways, technical writers don’t write webpage technical stuff, but it could be one part of their job.

Basically, they create user guides for end customers who aren’t well versed in technical jargon. They are experts in a particular subject and might have previous job experience or educational degree on the particular field.

The Common Factor Between Both Writing Fields

This is about what comes under technical content writing

Technical writers and Technical Content writers have a lot in common. Other than the startling similarity in their names, there’s the matter of having a niche. Both professions have specific subjects they prefer writing about. For example, there are writers who would only write about web development or cryptocurrency.

You might ask why a writer whose job is to impart information on tech focuses on certain concepts. It’s because technology, in itself, is too vast of a topic. It’s the same as someone trying to write the history of the world. If you write about American history, you might not have enough knowledge about Egypt. Therefore, when you write something about the history of that country, it might become clear to a reader you aren’t versed enough to offer quality content.

Of course, it’s possible for a writer to research deeply on the subject and then produce content based on that. However, the knowledge would still be from second-hand experience. In the case of technology, the disconnect from actual experience is even more apparent.

Companies want you to produce content their customer base won’t find anywhere else. The internet has plenty of amazing articles. It is your opinion and experience that adds value to the articles and makes you a good technical content writer.

This is why content writers have a specific niche. A lifestyle writer won’t enjoy writing the same content technology writer would.

Do They Work Together?

There are actually events where both professions have to co-ordinate with each other. Let’s think of a scenario. A company wants several blog posts about washing machines and how the one they’re selling is better from its competitors.

Now, the content writer knows a lot about machines but they don’t know what the company itself has done differently for the washing machine. Then, the technical writer, who actually had to create all the manuals related to the product would come in contact with the content writer and relay the relevant information.

The expertise of two fields comes together to create content that the audience would find interesting and informative. Ultimately, the company is hoping for sales through this collab.

Final Thoughts

Both professions are important from a company’s perspective. They are both trying to simplify what would be otherwise hard to understand information. They are writing for the layman despite being experts in their field. However, they both have different end goals in mind through their writing.

The goal of a technical content writer is to get the customer to do something related to the company. Maybe it is so they purchase a service or order a product. For technical writers, they want to help the customer do something with the tech on their own. Sometimes, such as when creating tutorials or guides, the responsibilities overlap.

In some ways, there are niches inside niches for these professions. An article of few words can’t even begin to explain how much goes into the process for both writers. Still, we hope you have a basic idea for now. We will continue to write more about the subject in the future so you are armed with all the knowledge before you get into the profession.

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